Shit Hits The Fan Without Rule Of Law

It already has and we really don't need it.


Government In Effect Prohibits Self Sufficiency and Freedom Is An Orchestrated Illusion
I don't know about you but from my life experience, I have concluded that in our modern age freedom is convoluted. Many people think they are free but in reality they are not. If you are one of the fortunate people to have a good career, stable source of income and can in effect afford the cost of living, you likely don't have the time or the concern to consider this as a possibility. Your microcosm is pleasant and fruitful? Good for you. Not everyone is that lucky and their experiences with trying to break off a piece of that enjoyable lifestyle is far more than a simple uphill battle. There are thousands of reasons for this but if you give a damn, you'll figure that out on your own and hopefully learn far more than I can teach. Maybe you can gain a sense of accomplishment for doing something for yourself instead of having someone else do it for you. (This is another rampant problem with society by the way)

A little background on my story and experience; I am a physically disabled person. I rely on a Social Security payment to survive. Granted, I'm thankful for this, however I must also point out that when I was working I was FORCED to pay for this so frankly they had damn well better hold up their end of the agreement. I digress. With the limited income I have, affording to rent a place in town with the inclusion of utilities, food, vehcile and other important expenses becomes greater than what I am "allotted". This being said I would either be required to share these expenses with other people or try to do something "illegal". Side note; I'd be fully willing to give up disability income if we weren't suppressed subservient slaves from birth. I would find a way to make income, even in my condition. Why? Because I would retain 100% of what I was able to earn without having it stolen and that would likely be enough.

First, I can't live with other people. I have tried this numerous times throughout my life and I am what you might consider a introvert. Other people and their habbits stress me out... a lot. Stress for my medical condition is extremely dangerous so as you can imagine this is something that I need to avoid. This leads to the Second, which I refer to as Illegal.

I am currently living illegally. I live on land in a tiny home which is not approved by the great county overlords. I have been doing this for years and am quite comfortable with it. I previously lived in a camper for a couple years as well. I might add that this is illegal too. The reason I do this is because it dramatically reduces my cost of living to where I can actually afford to do something if I want to on occasion. If I were living any other way, my hobbies would have to be so tightly budgeted that it would simply suck the enjoyment out of it due to having to be so frugal.

Moving on, I own several pieces of land. I have been lucky enough to score some good deals and set up payment plans to acquire land. Great, this sounds wonderful. Sounds like I have a place to go no matter what right? Wrong. Let's start with the very first aspect of owning vacant land. Putting in your driveway. Guess what, the county wants to charge you $75 to apply for a driveway permit so they can come inspect your land to see whether or not you meet their requirements and what other improvements may be required in order to be approved. Wow, just for a driveway you need to kiss ass and pay a tax. (For what it's worth at least you get an address along with it) Great start. Not.

You can't have a cabin here unless you own 35+ acres. Yep, that's out of my price range. I own 5 acres. Ok so what is the next requirement? Before you can build a home, you need to have both a domestic well and septic + leach field. Where I live, they don't allow outhouses, latrines or any other sort of sewage management. So, permits + materials, etc. to install the leach field is around $6,000. This is of course providing that everything is done correctly and there are no special soil requirements, etc. The well, depending on depth, can be between $6,000 and several tens of thousands. Not allowed to collect rainwater as your source, nor are you allowed to have a cistern to haul water in as your source. At this time, I know of no financing options to pay for these which means you need to be able to pay for it all at one time. I can't do this. It would take YEARS to save that much money on my income. What is one supposed to do in the meantime? Mind you it must be effective in being able to save a significant amount of money.

Allright, let's just for the sake of closure assume that I've been able to afford the well and septic. They're installed... ahh yeah things are finally good right? No. Now you will need power. Well, I'm an off-grid living person so I like the idea of having alternative energies in order to not have a utility bill and be dependent on the unreliable grid. Well, you can't even install solar without a permit and multiple inspections. The permit is hundreds and the inspection is $50 per visit. Ok, taxes and fees... for shit that I don't need help with in the first place. I already have all of the solar equip ready to go. I could have it hooked up, installed and in use within a couple days. No problem. Apparently that's not acceptable to the nanny state though.

I'd be happy to live in a tiny home but noooooope. They don't allow them here. They were talking about allowing it (granting you [the serf] permission) but it has yet to progress. During their discussions they said it would have to be manufactured and that it is not a do-it-yourself project. BULLSHIT. First, a manufactured one costs just as much as a full sized mobile home. The idea of the tiny home isn't just living as minimalist but also to reduce financial burdens. Well, so much for that concept you county / government pieces of shit. Second, they take away that ability of do-it-yourself to further make you reliant on the nanny state, hence the removal of self sufficiency. All of these things are not necessary and are abused to circumvent your freedom to be independent.

Ok so now my only choice is to build a stick-built (dimensinal framed lumber) house. The minimum size for this is 750 square ft. Holy shit! I don't need nor do I want that much space. Nor do I want to pay for it. Materials alone would cost more than I could save in 4+ years. Ok so building a house is now impossible because their permit again costs hundreds... If it takes longer than a year, you have to renew the permit... Bigger house = more heat needed in winter and more cooling in the summer. Higher costs to maintain. Not what I want nor what I am looking for. I haven't even had a chance to include the cost of a shop/garage for my tools and/or storage.

In conclusion, you have to ask permission for EVERYTHING and PAY THEM FOR IT! (permits) On top of that, they require that you have everything inspected and approved. Ok, it's none of anyone's damn business what I have and what I do. Why do they need to know and record everything? Why can't you do these things in such a way that is cost effective? Why do you have to be forced to pay a tax that you don't agree with and does absolutely nothing to benefit you? If you do these things without their permission, they tax you further, make you homeless and threaten you with being put in a cage if you don't comply. How the ever living fuck is this freedom? Additionally, do you think I really own the land? Nope. If I owned the land I wouldn't have to pay a yearly tax. If I refuse to pay this, they force me out of what I "own" and steal it from me in the name of failure to comply with codes, regulations, laws and other ass-fuckery to prevent you from truly owning the land. The truth is, they own you, they own the land and you simply get to rent it and put your name on it so they know where you live and what you are doing with their land. With all this nanny state control through forced taxation and compliance, you cannot truly be independent or self sufficient because they can just come take it all away from you if you don't behave, bend the knee and bow down to their overreaching tyrannical regime.

Post Script; Dear county / government employees responsible for enforcing -anything-. If you've somehow managed to reach this blog and have the attention span to have read this deep, I have a few things I'd like to direct towards you. Your compliance or even potential agreement with these codes, laws and/or regulations makes you a tool. You're a disgrace to humanity and when you complain about the homeless and/or poverty epidemic, know that you have absolutely no clue why and you're part of the problem. You're a piece of garbage. The excuse of "I'm just doing my job" is not valid nor is it even moral. I despise you, what you do and what you stand for. Utterly disgusting. If this is the only way to feed your family, let me remind you that it isn't. The socialist government will be happy to provide for you. Just go apply for SNAP and Section 8. Make sure you soak them for everything you can. I'd rather do that than to impose my will or the will of others upon someone who doesn't have a choice but to comply by threat of force and encagement. Additionally, the more money you can get back out of the system that has been stealing it from us for over a century, the better. The sooner it falls apart, the better. The sooner it goes away, the better. Granted, I know already that most people have been too deeply indoctrinated into believing that they need overlords because they lack the capacity for self responsibility and expect others to do things for them. This being said, even if our current system fell apart, they'd simply replace it with an equally shitty one. A rose by any other name...

If you're one of those people who say, "If you don't like it, leave or move out." Let me shut this argument down immediately by asking, "Do you know somewhere better? If your home is being overrun, do you leave or fight for it? If your choice is of a lesser evil, are you not still choosing evil?"