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[VID]shot_on_porch.mp42020-05-31 02:34 9.0M 
[VID]nose shot.mp42020-05-31 03:14 312K 
[TXT]donate.html2020-08-13 07:00 1.3K 
[VID]Wisconsin: Kenosha - Headshot shooter was chanced by rioter with molitov cocktail.mp42020-08-26 10:48 1.2M 
[VID]Wisconsin: Kenosha - 17 year old shooting - slow motion.mp42020-08-26 14:32 1.6M 
[VID]Wisconsin: Kenosha - 17 year old shooter interviewed before event.mp42020-08-26 16:23 3.3M 
[VID]White people handing Black people bricks.mp42020-06-01 00:22 5.5M 
[VID]White man makes nigger speech.mp42020-06-01 18:16 5.3M 
[VID]When you riot, you ruin the lives of innocent people.mp42020-05-31 01:43 3.0M 
[VID]Washington DC: Whitehouse - Security forces push protestors back.mp42020-05-31 21:36 9.2M 
[VID]Washington DC: Standing defiant in front of police - no mask.mp42020-06-01 19:42 675K 
[VID]Washington DC: St. Johns church on fire.mp42020-06-01 02:34 1.9M 
[VID]Washington DC: Riots and fire.mp42020-06-01 03:04 25M 
[VID]Washington DC: Rioters threaten to shut down business at Target.mp42020-06-28 00:41 8.5M 
[VID]Washington DC: Rioters take down Albert Pike statue.mp42020-06-20 03:15 4.3M 
[VID]Washington DC: Rioters Looters Breaking into buildings.mp42020-06-01 04:28 32M 
[VID]Washington DC: Reuters journalist attacked.mp42020-06-02 00:53 12M 
[VID]Washington DC: Protestors at Whitehouse.mp42020-05-31 20:12 5.7M 
[VID]Washington DC: President unofficially declares Martial Law in DC.mp42020-06-01 22:58 2.9M 
[VID]Washington DC: Police gas people smashing police car.mp42020-05-31 23:52 30M 
[VID]Washington DC: Police destroy food and medical supplies.mp42020-06-28 04:30 25M 
[VID]Washington DC: Officers with no badges no identification and no name tags refused to identify.mp42020-06-04 04:34 2.0M 
[VID]Washington DC: NBC news attacked by rioters.mp42020-06-03 04:25 14M 
[VID]Washington DC: Multiple fires - helicopter view.mp42020-06-01 02:41 906K 
[VID]Washington DC: Military vehicles headed to whitehouse.mp42020-05-30 22:50 8.2M 
[VID]Washington DC: Military style vehicles and troops moving in.mp42020-06-01 21:42 2.5M 
[VID]Washington DC: LIVESTREAM - Front of Whitehouse.mp42020-06-01 04:01 3.5G 
[VID]Washington DC: Helicopter used to disperse protestors.mp42020-06-02 02:02 3.6M 
[VID]Washington DC: Flash Bangs and Gas.mp42020-05-31 23:17 3.1M 
[VID]Washington DC: Fires set at baracades.mp42020-06-01 02:38 2.1M 
[VID]Washington DC: Fires and teargas.mp42020-06-01 03:21 4.4M 
[VID]Washington DC: Destructive Rioter handed over to police.mp42020-05-31 23:41 27M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle Bellvue - People protecting their own.mp42020-06-01 01:33 4.5M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle Bellvue - Looting and rioting.mp42020-05-31 23:24 1.6M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - prostestor hit by car on freeway.mp42020-07-04 09:15 1.0M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Take 5 steps back pepper spray.mp42020-06-07 03:06 13M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Protestor arrested - cops pull other cops knee off neck.mp42020-05-31 05:07 12M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Peaceful protestors maced and gassed.mp42020-06-02 05:06 8.0M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Guy drives into protestors and shoots guy that tries to get into driver window.mp42020-06-08 03:50 18M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Cops caught breaking window.mp42020-05-31 19:40 2.4M 
[VID]Washington: Seattle - Antifa tries to take an AR-15 from police SUV.mp42020-05-30 23:35 6.8M 
[VID]Virginia Beach: Riots.mp42020-06-01 05:33 16M 
[VID]Virginia: Rioters Torch House.mp42020-05-31 23:45 1.6M 
[VID]Virginia: Richmond - Peaceful protestors attacked.mp42020-06-02 02:49 26M 
[VID]Utah: Salt Lake City - Old man with cane knocked down by police.mp42020-05-30 23:41 8.1M 
[VID]Utah: Salt Lake City - Man attacked, car flipped.mp42020-06-01 09:09 13M 
[VID]Utah: Salt Lake - Cops push old man with cane to ground.mp42020-06-01 00:27 1.6M 
[VID]Uhh? Interpretive Dance.mp42020-06-01 17:30 4.0M 
[VID]Twin Cities: Protestor shot in face with rubber bullet.mp42020-05-31 05:12 26M 
[VID]Trying to take a stolen ATM on a public bus.mp42020-06-01 05:29 4.1M 
[VID]Truck driver dragged out of vehicle and beaten.mp42020-06-01 00:52 10M 
[VID]The Langham: More cop cars smashed.mp42020-05-31 01:16 1.6M 
[VID]Texas: Ft Worth - Protesting Chanting.mp42020-06-01 02:05 1.5M 
[VID]Texas: Dallas - Cops shoot a protestor.mp42020-06-01 19:43 2.0M 
[VID]Texas: Austin - The homeless man was taken care of after rioters burned his stuff.mp42020-06-02 12:24 4.4M 
[VID]Texas: Austin - Rioters bully a Trump supporter.mp42020-06-02 14:59 2.5M 
[VID]Texas: Austin - Protestors and fire.mp42020-06-01 20:30 35M 
[VID]Texas: Austin - Police use smoke grenades to move protesters off highway.mp42020-05-31 22:32 4.7M 
[VID]Texas: Austin - 16yr old shot wit beanbag.mp42020-06-01 04:37 9.7M 
[VID]Tennessee: Cop gives bottled water to protesters.mp42020-05-31 21:45 878K 
[VID]Tanker Truck Driver pulled from truck and possibly killed.mp42020-05-31 23:27 13M 
[VID]Store owners defend shop with guns and cops let looters get away and arrest shop owners.mp42020-06-02 03:28 39M 
[VID]Store owners defend shop with guns, cops let looters get away and arrest shop owners.mp42020-06-02 02:15 39M 
[VID]Someone yells FUCK YOU, guy gets knocked out during fight.mp42020-06-01 04:50 5.6M 
[VID]SUV runs over rioter.mp42020-05-30 04:22 3.9M 
[VID]SOHO: Riots Police Shots Fired.mp42020-06-01 05:04 7.7M 
[VID]Rioter stopped by peaceful black man.mp42020-06-02 19:18 1.6M 
[VID]Rioters beat shop owner why husband pleads and fights back with a golf club.mp42020-05-31 07:31 14M 
[VID]Rioters attack media.mp42020-06-01 04:26 2.3M 
[VID]RioDeJanero: Police gas protesters.mp42020-05-31 22:32 10M 
[VID]Reno police stopped by dipsh_t protester, police politely ask him to move. kek.mp42020-05-31 02:11 1.9M 
[VID]Random pile of bricks.mp42020-05-30 07:26 3.5M 
[VID]Raleigh: Police chief says he will not edanger officers to protect property.mp42020-05-31 15:13 3.9M 
[VID]Protests started in Erie.. a girl here was peacefully protesting, after 15 minutes she was maced and kicked.. #PoliceBrutality.mp42020-05-31 07:03 232K 
[VID]Protestor plays Imperial March when police go by.mp42020-06-05 20:46 3.1M 
[VID]Protesters clash with police outside White House MORE.mp42020-05-31 20:32 11M 
[VID]Police just raided the gas station we were sheltering at.mp42020-05-31 04:08 23M 
[VID]Police grab and abduct random pedestrian.mp42020-05-31 21:42 1.1M 
[VID]Police beating and arresting protesters.mp42020-06-01 03:49 4.0M 
[VID]Police assault peaceful protesters.mp42020-06-01 01:09 1.6M 
[VID]Police Drive Into Protestors.mp42020-05-31 02:14 34M 
[VID]Pittsburgh: Parents escort their child to be turned in for inciting riot.mp42020-06-01 21:26 5.7M 
[VID]Philly: West - Rioters destroy cop cars.mp42020-05-31 20:00 15M 
[VID]Philly: Statue Vandalized.mp42020-05-31 22:42 1.0M 
[VID]Philly: Rioters loot smashed police vehicles.mp42020-05-31 22:00 28M 
[VID]Philly: Rioters burning cars.mp42020-05-31 22:42 5.9M 
[VID]Philly: Protestors trapped being gassed.mp42020-06-01 22:22 3.9M 
[VID]Philly: Protestors prevent looters at Target.mp42020-05-31 02:45 7.9M 
[VID]Philly: Police attack and arrest protesters.mp42020-05-31 21:38 15M 
[VID]Philly: Police abandoned.mp42020-05-31 20:30 11M 
[VID]Philly: Man spanks looted manican.mp42020-05-31 20:36 2.1M 
[VID]Philly: Looting on 52nd and Market.mp42020-05-31 21:44 10M 
[VID]Philly: Flipped and burned car.mp42020-05-31 22:40 2.7M 
[VID]Philly: Enormous numbers from helicopter view - June 6.mp42020-06-06 18:02 12M 
[VID]Philly: Deadly car accident involving rioters.mp42020-06-01 22:23 2.5M 
[VID]Philly: Cop cars wrecked by city hall.mp42020-05-31 20:36 12M 
[VID]Philly: Cop Cars Wrecked.mp42020-05-31 20:06 49M 
[VID]Philly: Chopper captures another group of looters damaging SUV outside Foot Locker.mp42020-05-31 21:50 9.4M 
[VID]Philly: 7 block march.mp42020-06-01 21:05 24M 
[VID]People attack driver and he leaves by whatever means necessary.mp42020-05-31 21:37 10M 
[VID]Pennsylvania: Webster - Police chief lays face down hands behind back.mp42020-06-06 18:13 4.2M 
[VID]Pennsylvania: Protestor donates bottled water to police.mp42020-06-02 06:05 10M 
[VID]Painting defund the police on 16th street.mp42020-06-07 01:07 3.4M 
[VID]POV: Stolen Police Horse.mp42020-05-31 11:59 2.4M 
[VID]Oregon: Portland - Rioters and looters break into bank and shops.mp42020-05-30 08:05 13M 
[VID]Oregon: Portland - Man chased and kicked - helped by bystander.mp42020-05-31 08:49 33M 
[VID]Oregon: Portland - Angry man punches Antifa Bike Brigade for blocking road.mp42020-07-24 00:15 2.0M 
[VID]Oklahoma: Tulsa - Driver pushes protesters and they retalliate.mp42020-06-01 00:45 13M 
[VID]Ohio: Columbus - Man breaks car window and driver retalliates.mp42020-07-08 14:19 6.9M 
[VID]North Carolina: Fayetteville - Rioter sets self on fire with molotov cocktail.mp42020-05-31 04:35 2.5M 
[VID]New York: Starbucks window smashed.mp42020-06-03 01:44 5.1M 
[VID]New York: Rochester - Woman beaten for protecting business, husband tries to help.mp42020-05-31 21:50 1.7M 
[VID]New York: Queens - NYPD joined protesters.mp42020-05-31 23:20 5.7M 
[VID]New York: NYPD points gun at protestors.mp42020-06-01 04:11 3.5M 
[VID]New York: NYPD officers beat protestor standing on cop car.mp42020-05-31 06:53 4.4M 
[VID]New York: NYPD officer removes protestors mask with hands up to pepper spray.mp42020-05-31 03:01 702K 
[VID]New York: NYPD Attacking pedestrians.mp42020-06-04 02:16 2.6M 
[VID]New York: Manhatten - Spiderman spotted on bridge.mp42020-06-03 01:30 6.1M 
[VID]New York: Manhatten - Smashed windows, empty shelves and looted.mp42020-05-31 17:48 22M 
[VID]New York: Manhatten - Police rush, attack and arrest.mp42020-06-01 02:11 8.6M 
[VID]New York: Manhatten - Looters break into Microsoft store.mp42020-06-02 01:24 24M 
[VID]New York: Buffalo - SUV runs over Cop. They return fire.mp42020-06-02 01:59 28M 
[VID]New York: Brooklyn - WTF.mp42020-05-31 00:11 6.9M 
[VID]New Mexico: Shooting.mp4.mp42020-06-16 03:38 19M 
[VID]New Mexico: Shooting.mp42020-06-16 03:38 19M 
[VID]New Mexico: Shooting - best point of view.mp42020-06-16 18:39 1.5M 
[VID]New Mexico: Shooting - 2nd POV.mp42020-06-16 03:56 2.2M 
[VID]New Mexico: Albuquerque - Protestor takes spray can away from vandal.mp42020-06-01 07:06 2.8M 
[VID]New Jersey: Trenton - rioters smash up unmarked police vehicles.mp42020-06-05 11:16 18M 
[VID]New Jersey: Police marching with protestors.mp42020-05-30 20:50 5.5M 
[VID]Nevada: Las Vegas - Areests and tear gas.mp42020-05-31 19:09 25M 
[VID]National Guard and Police Buildup.mp42020-05-31 23:09 11M 
[VID]National Guard Falls Down Stairs.mp42020-05-31 16:50 1.7M 
[VID]Nah the bloods really out jacking people for shoes they stole.mp42020-05-31 03:08 5.0M 
[VID]NYC: Times Square - Protestors.mp42020-06-01 01:01 14M 
[VID]NYC: Protestors chant Deblasio Resign.mp42020-06-03 01:41 1.5M 
[VID]NYC: Peaceful Protest.mp42020-05-31 22:35 4.2M 
[VID]NYC: NYPD that drew gun on protestors responded to brick being thrown.mp42020-06-01 22:40 7.3M 
[VID]NYC: NYPD Cop attacked.mp42020-06-02 03:02 1.4M 
[VID]NYC: Manhatten - Rioters loot Macys.mp42020-06-02 02:33 2.2M 
[VID]NYC: Do Not Interact With Police - Call out violence.mp42020-05-31 23:14 13M 
[VID]NYC: Cops rush and attack.mp42020-06-01 02:11 8.6M 
[VID]NYC: Central Park party continues after curfew.mp42020-06-03 00:02 21M 
[VID]Missouri: St Lous - Fireworks vs cops.mp42020-06-02 02:51 9.9M 
[VID]Missouri: St Louis - gun battle between cops.mp42020-06-02 06:17 10M 
[VID]Missouri: St Louis - People praying for peaced attacked.mp42020-06-28 17:53 3.7M 
[VID]Minnesota: National Guard carrying live ammo due to unknown threat.mp42020-06-01 00:42 12M 
[VID]Minnesota-Contact_Tracing.mp42020-05-30 15:45 14M 
[VID]Minneapolis nurses fired on.mp42020-05-31 02:41 12M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Reporter hit by rubber bullet.mp4.webm2020-05-31 03:36 23M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Protestors marching.mp42020-06-01 00:33 12M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Protestors march.mp42020-06-01 00:45 4.2M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Police do drive by pepper sprays.mp42020-05-31 23:22 13M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Police arrest reporter after following instructions.mp42020-05-31 02:34 11M 
[VID]Minneapolis: News crew targeted by police pepperballs.mp42020-05-31 02:26 2.7M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Mayor told to go home and shamed.mp42020-06-06 22:29 10M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Hundreds donate food for victims of riots.mp42020-06-01 12:46 9.4M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Highway blocked by national guard.mp42020-06-01 08:52 13M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Guy with sword beaten and likely to death.mp42020-05-31 04:51 3.2M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Firing at news media and assaulting protestors unprovoked.mp42020-05-31 02:03 19M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Community Helps Clean.mp42020-05-31 23:05 22M 
[VID]Minneapolis: Black and white store owners armed working together to protect their own.mp42020-06-05 12:00 5.0M 
[VID]Minneapolis: BLM calls out White Antifa.mp42020-05-29 21:26 2.9M 
[VID]Michigan: Grand Rapids - Police fire tear gas canister point blank at unarmed man.mp42020-06-02 02:01 1.5M 
[VID]Michigan: Grand Rapids - Police cars set on fire.mp42020-06-01 04:11 3.6M 
[VID]Michigan: Grand Rapids - Multiple cop cars on fire.mp42020-05-31 05:32 755K 
[VID]Michigan: Flint - Walk With Us.mp42020-05-31 13:16 4.3M 
[VID]Michigan: Detroit - Cop drives through protesters blocking him.mp42020-06-29 03:35 2.9M 
[VID]Michigan: Detroit - Cop drives through protesters blocking him-2.mp42020-06-29 03:48 13M 
[VID]Man uses chainsaw to chase off potential looters and rioters.mp42020-06-05 18:21 7.2M 
[VID]Man punched by protesters.mp42020-05-31 21:44 4.9M 
[VID]Louisianna: Cop consoles and hugs crying protestor.mp42020-06-01 00:37 6.0M 
[VID]Looters looting the looters.mp42020-06-02 16:20 7.1M 
[VID]Looters Fighting Other Looters.mp42020-05-31 18:20 8.3M 
[VID]Looter has 7 shopping carts full.mp42020-06-01 18:16 1.6M 
[VID]Looter accidentally hits his own partner in crime with a brick.mp42020-06-01 20:17 343K 
[VID]Long Beach: Urban Outfitters looted.mp42020-06-01 00:58 9.5M 
[VID]Long Beach: Leap from back window of Urban Outfitters after police arrive.mp42020-06-01 00:58 9.5M 
[VID]London: Protestors march.mp42020-06-01 00:41 5.0M 
[VID]London: Police charge protestor crowd with horse cavalry.mp42020-06-06 17:09 16M 
[VID]London: Marching and Protesting.mp42020-05-31 12:07 1.0M 
[VID]London: Marching.mp42020-05-31 19:00 11M 
[VID]London: Cop dismounted from horse by light pole because it was spooked by protestors.mp42020-06-06 19:21 335K 
[VID]Live coverage of George Floyd protests in Sacramento-nefSSFKx9J4.mp42020-06-01 06:14 4.6G 
[VID]Las Vegas: Teen choked and arrested for selling water without a license.mp42020-06-05 13:00 3.6M 
[VID]Las Vegas: Man arrested for selling water to protesters.mp42020-06-02 19:46 5.8M 
[VID]Kentucky: Louisville - Police paintball reporters.mp42020-05-30 03:26 79M 
[VID]Kentucky: Louisville - After David McAtee shot inside own business.mp42020-06-01 15:48 13M 
[VID]Kansas City: Police mace and arrest someone for free speech.mp42020-05-31 02:41 18M 
[VID]I'm not mad at this guy at all. Best Performance In A Riot Award goes to... Stole the fkn police horse.mp42020-05-31 11:59 2.4M 
[VID]Homeless Man Punched While Defending His Possessions.mp42020-05-31 06:09 13M 
[VID]Gun owner removes looters at gun point.mp42020-06-01 03:26 6.9M 
[VID]Germany: Berlin - Police and protestors clash.mp42020-06-06 18:25 14M 
[VID]Georgia: Atlanta - cops break into car and assult them.mp42020-06-01 01:04 8.7M 
[VID]Georgia: Atlanta - National Guard doing the Macareana.mp42020-06-05 23:47 9.9M 
[VID]Georga: Atlanta - tear gas blows back into cops.mp42020-06-01 00:25 3.2M 
[VID]Fuck your narratives. Boogaloo bois are for the people.mp42020-05-31 19:44 11M 
[VID]France: Paris - Riots and burning.mp42020-06-02 20:26 6.2M 
[VID]Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More-oR8SSPxVxSI.mp42020-06-01 11:18 30M 
[VID]Florida: Protestor hit by car, lgets car shashed.mp42020-06-01 01:26 3.7M 
[VID]Florida: Cop prevents another cop from going too far.mp42020-06-01 00:27 6.7M 
[VID]Fighting over loot.mp42020-06-01 01:38 2.7M 
[VID]Fight breaks out with man carrying US flag.mp42020-05-31 07:54 30M 
[VID]False-flag warning ⚠️ More bricks 🧱 piled up and are ready for action. Fayetteville, NC.mp42020-05-31 02:03 5.5M 
[VID]Elderly man tries to give police a mask and they crack his skull.mp42020-06-05 02:08 3.4M 
[VID]Did someone burn that homeless person’s possessions.mp42020-05-31 19:24 6.6M 
[VID]Dallas: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - police surround protestors and arrest them.mp42020-06-02 02:23 8.8M 
[VID]Cops shoot two people just standing there talking.mp42020-06-01 17:11 3.9M 
[VID]Cop says they are gonna beat the shit out of you.mp42020-06-01 19:07 2.6M 
[VID]Cops arrest FBI agent.mp42020-06-01 11:48 3.5M 
[VID]Cops are Gangs.mp42020-07-11 03:19 2.7M 
[VID]Cop fighting with person intentionally hit by car.mp42020-06-03 21:56 4.1M 
[VID]Cop beats unarmed potestors with baton.mp42020-06-03 22:03 2.4M 
[VID]Compilation of police slashing tires.mp42020-06-08 18:10 9.1M 
[VID]Colorado: Denver - Protestors laying dowing saying I Cant Breathe.mp42020-05-30 19:34 13M 
[VID]Colorado: Denver - Police fire at car after learning pregnant woman inside.mp42020-05-30 07:17 8.6M 
[VID]Colorado: Denver - Guy runs over cop.mp42020-05-31 05:51 2.5M 
[VID]Chicago: Rioters beat cops.mp42020-05-30 22:45 14M 
[VID]Chicago: Radios jammed.mp42020-06-01 02:08 1.9M 
[VID]Chicago: Protests.mp42020-05-30 22:45 14M 
[VID]Chicago: Looters.mp42020-05-31 22:20 5.1M 
[VID]Canada: Montreal - Protestors clashing with police.mp42020-06-01 00:12 2.2M 
[VID]California: Santa Monica - Vons looted.mp42020-06-03 23:36 12M 
[VID]California: Santa Monica - People trying to prevent business from being looted.mp42020-05-31 21:48 2.6M 
[VID]California: Santa Monica - People pulled from cars and beaten.mp42020-05-31 22:00 5.5M 
[VID]California: Santa Monica - Amazon Truck Looted.mp42020-05-31 22:53 5.5M 
[VID]California: San Jose - Rioters attack motorists.mp42020-06-27 19:04 10M 
[VID]California: SanDiego - Cop drives in or through crowd.mp42020-06-01 21:13 3.8M 
[VID]California: Sacramento - Young boy shot in face.mp42020-05-31 06:20 2.1M 
[VID]California: Sacramento - Shop owner points gun at looter.mp42020-06-02 04:56 1.0M 
[VID]California: Riverside - Fight breaks out between protestors.mp42020-06-03 19:38 10M 
[VID]California: Oakland - Journalist hit by projectile.mp42020-05-31 21:42 3.6M 
[VID]California: Los Angeles - Standoff.mp42020-06-02 22:26 7.5M 
[VID]California: Los Angeles - Riots Protests Vandalism.mp42020-05-31 17:48 14M 
[VID]California: Los Angeles - Rioter lights firework that gets tossed back into his car.mp42020-06-02 23:09 725K 
[VID]California: Los Angeles - National Guard set up in front of convention center.mp42020-05-31 22:56 7.9M 
[VID]California: Los Angeles - J.R. Smith kicks protestor after allegedly smashing his car.mp42020-06-01 07:30 372K 
[VID]California: Huntington Beach - protesters clash with each other.mp42020-05-31 19:54 36M 
[VID]California: Fairfield - Telescopic fork lift used to smash into Best Buy.mp42020-06-02 21:03 2.3M 
[VID]Burmingham: Destruction and vandalism of statues.mp42020-06-01 02:07 8.7M 
[VID]Boston: Protestors marching.mp42020-06-01 00:51 6.6M 
[VID]Boston: Protestors clashing with cops.mp42020-06-01 01:26 4.9M 
[VID]Boston: Police vechile burned.mp42020-06-01 02:12 1.5M 
[VID]Boston: Police vandalize thei own cop car.mp42020-06-01 03:54 37M 
[VID]Boston: Firework injures officer.mp42020-06-01 03:10 5.1M 
[VID]Boston: Do cops have bricks in their vehicle.mp42020-06-02 01:47 798K 
[VID]Black woman speaks out about looting and BLM.mp42020-06-02 16:13 8.9M 
[VID]Black man tackles black looter.mp42020-06-03 02:03 12M 
[VID]Black man pulls gun out on other blacks.mp42020-06-02 16:46 13M 
[VID]Bakersfield: Hit and Run. License 8BHJ691.mp42020-05-30 03:29 4.3M 
[VID]As requested. Benny Hill Version.mp42020-05-31 05:48 5.0M 
[VID]Armed unidentified men abduct woman in unmarked vehicle and threaten to shoot witnesses.mp42020-06-05 05:31 11M 
[VID]Armed shop owners fend off looters.mp42020-05-31 22:50 6.6M 
[VID]Apparent Antifa organizer caught on camera appearing to pay some kids to riot.mp42020-05-31 03:53 4.6M 
[VID]Another block just destroyed. Every fast food restaurant and grocery store is burned out too.mp42020-05-31 21:42 14M 
[VID]Another Police Vehicle Smashed.mp42020-05-30 18:43 9.0M 
[VID]Amsterdam: Sea of protestors.mp42020-06-01 16:11 2.2M 
[VID]A man is assaulted after ripping off a license plate covering off a possible looters' vehicle in Santa Monica.mp42020-05-31 21:49 8.9M 
[VID]74 yr old woman marches.mp42020-05-31 03:25 11M 
[VID]-o.mp42020-06-03 21:56 4.1M 
[VID]“We got bricks! More! This time in Manhattan! #falseflagfloyd.mp42020-05-31 04:38 6.1M 
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