Shit Hits The Fan Without Rule Of Law

It already has and we really don't need it.


If you still believe your preferred meat puppet in a suit can affect positive change? This likely isn't the place for you.

Thhe problems we face are not biological unless it refers to mental defectives. The problems are mostly systemic. Article 1 Section 8 of the "oh so great" constitution is frankly text-book socialism. Failure from it's conception but people with Stockholm Syndrome will defend their ideologies and symbols because of belief structures and nationalistic propaganda. Sociopaths, psychopaths, sycophants and nihilists are drawn to positions of authority and power. Historically, this happens in every nation state in all of known history that has collapsed from within. Since most people won't or can't see this, they will just create a new failed system when this one fades into the past. Stop delegating rights to others that you yourself don't have. Stop implementing a damn ruling class. People could figure it out on their own, exercising self-ownership, self-reliance and self-responsibility without repeating history AGAIN... but... this won't happen.

We are currently in a world war and most don't even know it. Not of bombs, guns and machinery but of division, propaganda, censorship, indoctrination, dependency, weakeness, complacency and tyrannical, totalitarian, authoritarian, oppression. Due to the mass stupidity and willful ignorance of most people, a proper defense cannot be mounted. By the time most realize how bad things are and what is being done, it will be and likely already is, too late.

Good moral conscience, high standards for truth, freedom and non-aggression is demonized and called names by the "mainstream" platforms/media using tactics of intentional division through labels.

The good are portrayed as evil and the evil control nearly every aspect of human existence only to be looked up to and praised for it. Those who are criticized for their oppositional views, are likely the ones accurately pointing out the immoral acts.