Innocents Betrayed – History of Gun Control

Governments have historically deprived people of firearms … and then wiped them from the face of the earth.
This is the true story of Gun control from around the world. It details how governments have ALWAYS BEEN the biggest threat to the safety, security and prosperity of the people. While Americans can see how this could happen in other countries, most can’t EVER imagine it happening here because there are so many rights guaranteed by the constitution. ONLY when the people STAND UP for those rights, because it’s the nature of government to constantly try and TAKE them away from us.

The producers of this film encourage copies of this film to be distributed as far and wide as possible, with the understanding that this permission is granted ONLY for non-commercial use. You can buy a DVD copy of this and other films at

The truth of the matter is that rights are not given on paper. Rights are natural and they always exist regardless of whether they’re written down or not. Rights are your thoughts, choices, actions and consequences.

Solar Generators – The biggest FRAUD and ripoff ever seen

Do they work? Yes they do. Are they reliable? Sure, if all you plan to operate for any duration of time is a LED light bulb and the occasional cellphone charge.

As someone who is well versed in solar power, this has to be one of the biggest orchestrated frauds I’ve ever seen.

They offer ONE solar panel that sits on a wheeled cart. This panel is likely no more than 240 watts of power. With an average of 6 full hours of sunshine, that means you can collect 1440 watts in a good day. If you’re planning on running your fridge with solar backup, think again. Your fridge will use 1440 watts in 2 hours. Not to mention, NO solar energy is 100% efficient. If you can’t run your fridge, you sure the hell cant run your household. Have you considered what an electric water heater uses? How about an electric cook stove or a microwave? If you try to run any two of these appliances at the same time, it will overload the generator.

The complete ASININE thing that just blows my mind, is the cost. Retails for over $3,000. I know people are stupid but come on… you may as well shove the money up your ass and shit it back into a golden toilet.

Worse yet, I could build their entire system myself of equal or better quality for around $1,200. The difference being that if I built it, it would be expandable should you need more than what it is capable of. No I do not take requests, sorry.

I do however intend to have one of the foremost solar experts follow up with more information regarding these systems. Keep an eye.

Response from Solar expert Erne:

A 100 watt 36 cell photovoltaic Direct Current solar panel will produce 100 watt hours of power per one full hour of unrestricted sunlight that is at a 90 degree angle to the panel. A fixed panel does not track the sun and produces less wattage when the sun is at a lesser angle. Thus a fixed panel produces 5 times its rated power in the summer and 4 times in winter in most of the central United States in cloud free weather. This is in the 500 watt hour range per 24 hour period. Temperature can enhance this production in cold weather or degragate it in hot weather.

This electricity is routed thru a voltage controller which protects the battery from overcharge. There are 2 types of controllers. The cheapest and most common one is the pulse width modulator (pwm) the other is the maximum power point tracker (mppt). These devices use a small amount of electricity while preforming this battery control. Wire also consumes a small amount of electricity even when properly sized. Improperly sized wire can often nullify a large portion of production. Breakers and or fuses also consume small amounts of electricity.

Deep cycle batteries are manufactured with a different lead composition than starting auto batteries, and are rated in ampere hours rather than cranking amps. (normally at their 20 hour rate) Batteries are combined in series or parallel depending on the voltage of said battery and voltage of the system. If 2 batteries are combined without increasing voltage (parallel) the ampere hours are combined. If the batteries are combined raising the voltage (series) the ampere hours remain the same. Any inter connecting cables need to be matched in size and length for safety and efficiency. Using more than 50% of the battery ampere hour rating can damage the battery. Also a battery needs to be recharged at between 7 and 13% of its 20 hour ampere hour rating.

This electricity can be used as 12 volt through a variety of automotive type appliances, or it can be inverted to 110 volt alternating current with an inverter. If the direct current power is converted, an amount of electric consumption is used by the conversion device (inverter) this can be from 3 watts to 40 watts per hour depending on the type of inverter. Higher end inverters have a search mode that sends impulses to look for appliances that may need electricity on a part time basis such as a refrigerator or furnace thus the 3 to 5 watt consumption per hour. The closer the consumption is to their wattage rating the more efficient inverters are. Some reaching 90% or better. These inverters need to be breaker protected from the batteries.

Considering the above information, using a single 100 watt panel, small controller and a single 45 ampere hour 12 volt battery (540 watt hours of storage) One half usage equals 270 watt hours. With a cheap inverter (no search mode)

A Black & Decker single cup coffee maker uses about 740 watts of power for 4 minutes
resulting in 45 watt hours of consumption. The inverter used an additional 2.6 watt hours bringing the total to a rounded 50 watt hours. Using this information a 5 or 600 watt inverter would have failed because they could only put out this much power for less than a minute in their surge capacity. A 750 watt inverter would achieve this task. Assuming one was watching TV at the same time, and has satellite reception the consumption would be TV 350 watts satellite 30 watts bringing the total to 1120 watts while the coffee maker was on. We have again exceeded the capacity of the inverter, making necessary a larger inverter. Thus a 1500 watt inverter would suffice. This shows how inverter capacity becomes important in planing ones system. Assuming watching TV for one hour before disconnecting would use 380 (TV VCR) plus 50 totaling 430 watt hours (35 ampere hrs) Assuming evening hours a 2 each 100 watt lights were also on for 3 hours before bed time (600 watt hours) within the limit of the inverter, (50 ampere hours) for a total of 1030 watt hours (85 ampere hours) This exceeds the safe storage capacity of the battery, requiring more storage capacity. So 2 each 45 ampere hour batteries are now required. One must also be aware of phantom loads, such as GFI plugs in the kitchen and bathroom, smoke detectors and appliances that are plugged in that have remotes (stereo CD players walk around phones) or clocks etc that can increase usage.
Now that we have used the majority of our storage capacity, lets look at recharging. 90 ampere hours of battery would need 10% or 9 amps of charging to maintain the batteries according to the manufactures recommendation. The 100 watt panel puts out about 6 amps. (7 to 13% recommended charging) A little short and there is not enough sunlight hours to completely refill without another panel or a generator. Three 100 watt panels plus 4 hours sun equals 1200 watt hours. Cutting it close especially if one wants to have 2 or 3 days of storage capacity for bad weather. Furthermore the 3 panels exceed the 13% recommendation by a small amount. This is why one needs to start with their consumption rather than just getting a panel or two and a battery.

Bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) – Problem or Solution?

The premise behind the creation of Bitcoin and other such alternative national “currencies” (also known as cryptocurrencies) like Tonal Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, NXT, Dogecoin and many others, is not well known. There are numerous working principles which include but are not limited to; tax evasion, backup currency in the event that the world reserve currency collapses, for the creator of the currency to become wealthy, privacy, to move away from all other forms of currency to a digital currency and added diversity.

Given the current state of our world; all nations in history at some point have come to an end and so have their currencies. It would be wise to prepare for this inevitability. Whether a collapse occurs in 2 weeks or 200 years is not easily predictable. Thus far however, only the currently existing nations have not ended simply because they still exist… for now. With this historical track record of failure and collapse, people recognize these patterns and make their best attempts at estimating when their nation will collapse.

It is my belief that this preparation mentality is a very attractive attribute of these cryptocurrencies. Many who are educated in areas of history and current events consider them a backup plan or perhaps some sort of insurance policy. While the premise seems sound, one thing to consider is that in our modern technological age, all these “backups” require several major dependencies. The problem is that these major dependencies are fragile and vulnerable. The electrical power grid, the internet and electronics in general could very easily be interrupted if not disrupted for extended periods of time. If any of these systems fail, whether the grid goes down, the internet is shut off with a kill switch or your computer simply dies on its own; you immediately lose access to your investment.

For those who think our world and/or nation is in a serious decline and headed towards an imminent demise, this would be a very poor investment. There is nothing tangible that you can get your hands on and hold as property should any of those dependencies fail. The one exception would be if you were actively ‘trading’ with your investment to acquire tangible items of value. That is, if you’re willing to work with the potential security issues or lack of long term practicality of these cryptocurrencies. Hackers always seem to find a way and with Bitcoin specifically, as the participants numbers grow, so does the hash key. At some point this key could easily become so large that it would take the average internet user several weeks just to access their wallet and funds. Not to mention the other known problems:
1. Wallet vulnerable to theft
2. Tracing a coin’s history
3. Sybil attack
4. Packet sniffing
5. Denial of Service attacks
6. Forcing clock drift against a target node
7. Illegal content in the block chain
8. Possible security vulnerabilities and bugs
9. Energy consumption

Information about these problems can be found here.

My advice… tread carefully and be smart about it.

My opinion? I think these cryptocurrencies are to be short lived. I also think the majority of them are in some way controlled by corporations or government in a fascist methodology to get a head start on a cashless society where people don’t have any way to protect their money. I suggest that if you want to get away from taxes, government and other control factors that inhibit your freedom, that you start bartering with tangible items of real usable value. Get some food storage. It can always be used, sold or traded and can last up to 25 years.

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Bigotry or Brutality- Mike Brown’s death and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Do any of us truly know what is playing out in Ferguson?


A young black man shot dead by a white policeman, conflicting witness reports, unverified ‘facts’ changing daily, riots and protests
in the streets, police in riot gear shooting rubber bullets, lobbing tear gas and flash bangs into crowds, State Troopers and private security contractors roaming the streets in military style vehicles..and the National Guard has now moved in.
What the hell is going on in Ferguson?

Mass media would have us believe this is a black vs white issue, but is it? The majority of people will only bend so far when pushed before they respond in kind. Frustration and anger over a situation results in an explosive response. Even moral people can be pushed to violence, let alone the riff raff that revels in chaos and destruction. A seemingly unjustified murder of a man is fuel thrown on a smoldering mountain of frustration and anger…regardless of a person’s skin color. In videos I have seen of these events I have not seen a sea of one color, I have seen a city of people refusing to further tolerate brutality by those who are sworn to protect and serve. Reports are leaking out that much of the destructive behavior is being instigated or perpetrated by person’s who are not even residents of Ferguson. The Black Panthers and other racially based entities are making their presence known, but why? Why is everyone making this a racially motivated event?

Ask yourself why the media is pushing to divide Americans. Why is this being touted as a racial issue rather than excessive us of force? Does it strike anyone as suspicious that these crises keep piling up? BLM agents going up against ranchers, swarms of illegals over running the border…Ebola virus outbreak..EGADS they brought Ebola victims into the country..wait illegals are bringing in contagious diseases!! Everybody PANIC! Just as the initial fear starts to fade…White cop shoots unarmed black man…town riots! I’m not certain if these incidents are to distract us from something larger, if they’re being created/used to keep us in a perpetual state of helpless panic and fear, or if it’s a diabolical scheme to justify martial law being declared nationwide. I am certain, however, that the envelope is continually pushed further and further every day.

Americans are being conditioned to simply accept the police can shut down towns (Boston bombing) to search people and houses, block off city streets with no warning and search everyone at gunpoint (Aurora bank robbery), or go on a rampage shooting up cars of innocent people while chasing one of their own gone “rogue” (California). …the almost daily reports of police shooting unarmed, often compliant civilians.Why are these incidents being tolerated? Why are police getting away with case after case of excessive use of force and jack-booted thug behavior?? Why are there no consequences to their actions? Where are the good cops? What the hell happened to “To Protect and Serve”??? While I’m asking stupid questions…does anyone even question why BLM agents need bullet proof vests, guns with multiple magazines, tasers and batons as EVERY DAY WEAR?? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘land management’?

I believe we all need to discard the ‘race’ card we’re being dealt and focus on the real issues going on in Ferguson and across the country. It’s not a black, white or brown problem…the problem is tyranny, and it needs to be addressed by the entire nation.

Ebola Virus Outbreak- Pandemic or Orchestrated Panic?

Microscopic Ebola Virus Strain

The Ebola virus is very serious. No one, least of all me, denies people are dieing from it. However I find it highly suspicious that this latest outbreak conveniently occurred near an admitted bio-warfare testing labratory…and  they just  ‘happened’ to be using local human test subjects. Seriously? Furthermore these Ft. Detrick biowarfare scientists admitted in a report they submitted to the CDC that they ‘might’ be responsible for this latest outbreak??? Par for the course, said report has since been removed from the CDC’s site, along with the references to Ebola’s possible airborne transmission abilities. I find it interesting that an Ebola drug was given ‘fast track’ status by the FDA back in March…and suddenly they’re pushing the ‘Ebola vaccine’ to be given to Americans as early as next month. Do we remember the Swine Flu ‘pandemic? Sounds like Monsanto and their ilk are looking for a new cash cow in Ebola.

Let us not forget the New York City drill  conveniently held just prior to a “suspected Ebola patient” being discovered there.

I’m merely skimming the facts on this. For a more in depth article check out this one:

I don’t know which disgusts me more- the scientists who ‘play’ with these viruses, or Big Pharma scrambling to cash in on it. I do know that any attempt to “vaccinate” me against one of their ‘accidental’ releases will be met with extreme violence!

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